Kung Fu

Classes are Tuesday, Thursday and Friday:

  • Kung Fu (ages:7 and up): 5pm-5:45pm,
  • Advanced Kung Fu (invite only): 5:45-6:30
  • Order of the Crane (invite only): 6:30-7
  • Fridays All Martial Arts Class (cross-training): 5:30-6:30
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Jiéhé Zhìhuì or Combined Wisdom Kung Fu is a formless perpetual system that grows with every practitioner, following very closely with Sifu Bruce Lee’s philosophies.  Each black sash adds their experiences to the original philosophy and thereby expands and adapts this living art.  Jiéhé Zhìhuì was created by Sifu Jay Smith combining his 20+ years of martial arts training in various arts that include, Karate, Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai, Jujitsu, Boxing and Ninjitsu.

Jiéhé Zhìhuì is a street defensive art that can also be utilized in tournament.  This system is not bound to the rules of tradition, rigidity, pride, etc… each new instructor brings their years of experience into this ever adapting art. Worldwide all the instructors communicate through various means and once a year come together to train and share new techniques with one another.

All practitioners are encouraged to study other martial arts while taking Jiehe Zhihui to further enhance their skills and to further the Combined Wisdom that is Jiehe Zhihui Kung Fu.